Interesting new things at Lazy Morse!

Hello all, my obligatory haven’tpostedinages post for you all! So what’s been going? Well the big Green Door Store gig is coming up and you can till buy tickets here. This is a great opportunity and I am very much looking forward to it, you can check out the big headliner, Will Hoge’s stuff here. In light of these big gigs coming up I have been getting some extra players together to flesh out the sound a bit. I tried some of this out at a recent headline gig at The Brunswick and it went incredibly well adding some “new textures” to my sound as Rich from Overhead Wires put it.


So obvious thanks also goes to Gennine and Jimmy for their contributions to this new experiment. In other news I had a great time playing my good friend John and Gary’s wedding, you can see me here playing their first dance! Awwww:

john and gary

Coming up I have some studio time for a couple of new songs so stay tuned for that and I have some other interesting gigs through July and August. I’ll be returning to Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on July 25th for another awesome Brighton Rocks gig and the night before that (24th July) I’ll be doing a short set supporting my good friends Treasure and The Downing Street Years at the Latest Music Bar. Finally the amazing Fiddler’s Elbow Folk and Cider Festival returns this year all day on 30th August; more details on that soon!

That’s all for now, oh and this site should be looking a lot better soon as well, keep an eye out!


Paul Murray

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