New (but old) E.P I just found/Happy New Year/2007

Happy New Year everybody, here is my first blog/post of the year! Here is the thing I will be talking about so you can listen to it while I ramble: CLICK HERE

Taken last year.

Taken last year.

Over Christmas I was brutally forced by my parents to clear out some of the crap from my childhood room which had built up over the years, which is fair, I suppose, seeing as I haven’t lived in Pinner for over 5 years. This task proved to be funny, scary, interesting and depressing all at once. Amongst the cringe-worthy goth photos (though I do still look hot in eye-liner), abysmal song lyrics/poetry, years old bank statements, letters, old ticket stubs, dirty playing cards and birthday cards, I did find a couple of forgotten gems. One of these was a CD of one of the first recordings I ever made with an old friend, Tom Quillfelt (sorry Tom, I am almost certain I spelt that wrong). I had made recordings previously with my old band The Frame and with my long time collaborator Alex (who I hope to share the stage with again one day), but this was the first one that I made as the solo troubadour you Brightonians know today. This CD is also (to the best of my knowledge) the only copy of these songs in existence!! Ooooh! Aaah!

I have you really love friends who draw me dinosaurs.

I have really lovely friends who draw me dinosaurs.

Except, of course, until now! See back in the oldey timey days of 2007 kids, believe it or not it was much harder to just stick tracks online. The online phenomenon wasn’t far off but it certainly wasn’t as hugely convenient back then. Grand Theft Auto 4 was yet to come out, memes were only found on, Brown replaced Blair, No Country For Old Men was released, as was that stupid “Hey There Delilah” song. I always wanted to hear a Johnny Cash interpretation of “Hey There Delilah” that took a much more morbid approach. “First time I shot Delilah….” etc.

Grey Flaming hat! Eyeliner! intense stare!

Grey Flaming hat! Eyeliner! intense stare!

Anyway enough about the old-time-era that wasn’t actually that long ago. I made this little E.P! Listening to it now I’m not as horrified by the song-writing as I once feared and Tom’s production is still top notch. By the way Tom, I’d love to work with you again but it seems you’re living in 2004 and don’t have a facebook. As soon as I get my deloren working I’ll find you mother-fucker! SO to kick off 2015 I’ve decided to release these 3 early attempts at song writing for FREE. You lucky people! One day I might release something by The Frame or Crossing Corners but for now please enjoy (and be gentle with) this little E.P which I will simply name 27. Please keep in mind how young, foolish and naive I was. Though I don’t feel I’ve grown up at all. Not one bit. Farts.

I’ll shut up now, Happy New Year

Paul Murray

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