New-ish song, St Patrick’s Day, Proud Camden and recent activity!

Hello, apologies for not posting in a while. Thankfully it’s been a productive few weeks. For starters, new material has been coming along nicely, and as a preview, here is a rough webcam video of one of them: Circus. Some may have heard me do this live but I am still yet to get a great recording of it; this will do for now.

Also, last Saturday I was lucky enough to play at the wonderful Proud bar in Camden. It was an afternoon show which drew in a huge crowd of Camden shoppers, all of whom were incredibly attentive. I must note how fantastic the staff were in supporting the acts. The venue also had one of the best sound engineer’s I’ve ever worked with, which made all the difference in my performance. Of course, thanks to the friends and supporters from Harrow and central London, plus a certain eccentric who came all the way from Brighton.


After the gig I also managed to flog a few copies of The Mesmerist E.P which is now available on disc:


And can be downloaded here.

Finally, a special mention to The Brighton tavern, and everyone who performed there on St Patrick’s Day last Sunday. I hadn’t organised a show like that in a long time, and it could not have gone better. You can check out all who performed by clicking on their names listed below:

Will Worth


Chloe Giacometti



Brían McNamara


It truly was a fantastic night. Thanks also to Lee Cherry who kindly made Live recordings of the whole night, which will be played on Radio Free Brighton in the coming weeks. I will keep you posted on who, and when, artists are being played.

Phew – long post indeed. That’s all for now, more gig dates and tunes coming soon. Much love to you all!

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